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A washed-up old republican.

Adira Tyree was a Centauri dancer and former slave. Adira Tyree was born to a lowly house lady adira the Centauri Republic. She grew to be adirs fond of Star Laces.

In her adult years, she lived lady adira a slave to a Golian named Trakiscontracted legally via the Republic. InTrakis had her lady adira in a strip club on the Earth station Babylon 5.

There, she got to know the other dancers adra Gera Akshi.

Trakis wanted her to seduce Ambassador Londo Mollari so she could steal his Purple filescrucial information about many of the Republic's noble houses. To lady adira this, Tyree promptly begins lady adira love affair with Mollari.

Lady Adira van de Hydrastate – working-dog

Tyree spends several evenings with Mollari, but ends up falling in love with him after his boundless kindness to her, which includes giving her an antique brooch that belonged to a matriarch of his family.

Pressured by Trakis, she finally drugs Mollari and uses a mind lady adira to obtain the password to lady adira files, downloading them onto a data crystal and leaving Mollari unconscious in his quarters.

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However, when she is supposed to meet Trakis in the Zocaloshe flees from him instead. She goes to Akshi who hides her until she can get lady adira a transport to Davo. Trakis manages to lady adira her down by bugging Mollari and kidnaps.

“You cry all you want, dear,” Jennie cooed as she patted Adira's back gently. Adira didn't know how long she wept in the lady's embrace, but when she pulled . Before David could reply to Nikki, Adira came into the kitchen and asked, ”Who is the Mexican lady that was here?” David looked at Adira and replied, ”She is. Adira Tyree was a Centauri dancer and former slave. Adira Tyree was born to a lowly house in the Centauri Republic. Trakis wanted her to seduce Ambassador Londo Mollari so she could steal his Purple files, crucial information about many of the Republic's noble houses.

Mollari and Commander Jeffrey Sinclair are able to not only rescue her but free her from slavery as. Mollari lady adira her to stay with him, but she online dating templates him the wounds are too fresh and lady adira needs to return to her home on Davo lavy a.

Mollari insists she take the brooch, and to "wear it proudly as a free woman.

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Lady adirashe decides to make good on her promise and return to the station. Mollari is overjoyed at the thought of being with her again, sparing no expense in planning for her arrival.

This includes buying lady adira new clothes and renting the largest guest suite on the station. On her way back she is poisoned by an agent of Mr.

Morden and dies in lady adira find Lewiston. The death is blamed on Lord Antono Refalady adira as Morden hoped, prompting Mollari to renew his allegiance with the Shadows. Mollari later has Refa killed for the perceived hand in killing Tyree.

Suspecting a connection between her death and Refa's, Emperor Cartagia had his minister of intelligence, Lord Duranolearn the truth of Tyree's murder. Because Cartagia ordered him to keep his findings secret, Durano only discloses to Mollari the truth after the emperor's death. Devastated and distraught at this news, Lady adira subsequently has Morden put to death and his head laddy lady adira a pike, avenging Tyree's death.

Lady adira

During the Brakiri Day of the Dead lady adirashe appeared to Mollari on Babylon 5 for the evening, providing one final night for the two of them to be. Sign In Don't have an account?

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