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Naruto girlfriend test Want Man

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Naruto girlfriend test

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Good man. I have pics to trade and hopefully naruto girlfriend test can meet and talk to see if we wanna go further any lady needing some attention with be considered. I am drug and disease free, you should be. Would like to see a photo of you.

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You are most like Sakura! Loyal and etst, you can also have a temper. You are more of a support than an actual fighter but your always willing to step naruto girlfriend test to the plate when needed!

You are most like Tsunade!

Bad to the tst, you are also a great leader and kick ass! Not to mention your deep loyalty to those who have earned naruto girlfriend test affection.

You may rub some people the wrong way, but you are truly kind hearted under that mask of strength and once convinced of something, you never change.

You are most like Karin!

This is a Naruto girlfriend quiz! Real cool and sexy! For guys only(unless ur lesbian or bi). Whos your naruto girlfriend quiz. this will tell you who want. Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search. Make Free Personality Test 2. what would you get your naruto girlfriend for her birthday 5. which 4 do you think will win naruto sasuke gaara temari hinata neji kabuto itachi gaara vs neji hinata vs temari kabuto vs sasuke.

You are tough and not afraid to take what you want. You hide your sensitive side, but it's still there regardless. You are most like Konan!

Quiz - What is your Naruto Girlfriend? (boys only :-) -

You aren't very vocal about your feelings but have a deep compassion for your comrades, and your naruto girlfriend test is unquestionable. You find beauty in the little things and fight for those you care about, even if that means sacrificing yourself in the process. You are most like Girlfrirnd

Passionate, strong and one kick ass woman, you are also very compassionate and gentle. A family girl, you like to take things into your own hands rather than sit naruto girlfriend test and let someone fight your battles. You are most like Fuu!

Quiz - What Naruto Girl Will Be Your Wife!? -

Friendly and energetic, your always up for adventure and fun. You love hanging out with your friends and are very kind. But you naruto girlfriend test still very strong and are not to be underestimated1. You are most like Fifth Mizukage! Sexy, elegant and flirty, but also very dangerous!

Proud of your gender, you strive to girlfriwnd that girls can be just as powerful as men. Who would you be? How would you fit in? Created By NerdyBird. Do you naruto girlfriend test about your looks?

Not really. Are you honest about your feelings?

I Am Wants Private Sex Naruto girlfriend test

Depends on the situation. How many friends do you have?

Narut lot! Define 'friends'. A few close ones. I have a lot naruto girlfriend test have a few close friends as. How do you fight? Not one for fighting, I'm support. I use my intelligence and strength.

Naruto girlfriend test Looking Sexy Meeting

With naruto girlfriend test brute strength. Are you in love? Not yet! Not sure I was. Would you die for your friends? Depends which one. I love my friends. I have a duty to.

Naruto girlfriend test I Look Real Dating

Without a second thought. How do you flirt? I know how to play the game. No way!!! Very awkwardly. Depends on the person. I don't flirt.

Which Naruto girl is your girlfriend?, a Anime selector. Ask about my top result.

Your flaw? Sensitive to other's opinions of me. I shut people. My temper. I'm too trusting. I never turn my back on my friends, no matter.

Too reckless. I naruto girlfriend test to my heart rather than my head. What do you fight for?

Naruto girlfriend test

My friends, but I also take the greater good into consideration. Those I love. Not sure really Whatever my heart tells naruto girlfriend test. For the greater good. How do you interact at a party?

Flirty as hell. Naruto girlfriend test me a few drinks, I'll be fine. Awkward at first, but my friends help loosen me up. Nartuo very well With the hot guys!! I just stick to my friends.

Someone insults you? I will kill you.

Don't really care. Are you a gitlfriend Depends on person I'm fighting. Depends on situation. If you had to decide between naruto girlfriend test world and the someone you love, who would you choose? The world.

Are you kidding me?!? I can't make that decision!!!

Digimon Test · CLAMP Campus Detectives Selector · Love Hina Character Selector · What Anime Character are You Most Like? Naruto Personality Test. If you have a crush on one of them you can simply find out if the feeling is mutual or another Naruto girl is your actual mean to be girlfriend. Make Free Personality Test 2. what would you get your naruto girlfriend for her birthday 5. which 4 do you think will win naruto sasuke gaara temari hinata neji kabuto itachi gaara vs neji hinata vs temari kabuto vs sasuke.

Do you value family or friends? My friends are my family.

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You are most like Hinata! Kind and gentle, you are very shy but have a beautiful heart! Fifth Mizukage. Calculating Results Facebook Comments.

Who Is Your Naruto Girlfriend. 2 Comments; Feedback. well this quiz was my first, of many i wanted to make the first quiz for boys cuz i noticed none of the. Prev | Next. 17, hits, Favorite | Flag, 11 years ago by AustinRock What is your Naruto Girlfriend? (boys only:) IN TITLE. personality test from . Who would you be? How would you fit in?.