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They found that showing women slightly manipulated images helped them feel better about their own bodies.

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When photographs of healthy-weight women photgorapher tweaked just a bit to make them look slightly overweight, the women shown that photograph felt better about their own bodies, the researchers. Helen Bould, a psychiatrist at Oxford University who led the study team.

Doctors and other experts in treating eating loo,ing have been trying for years to persuade media to stop editing images of women to ajy them look thinner than they actually are, and have tried to persuade the fashion industry to stop favoring unhealthily thin models. Italy, Spain and Israel banned the use of super-skinny models in and France f ollowed suit in Thin remains in, however, and studies have shown that girls as young as 3 wish to be slender.

Bould studies eating disorders in children. She and colleagues decided to asian girls melbourne the effects of looking at other body sizes and shapes in adults. They recruited 90 young women, aged 18 to 25, who were at healthy weights as measured by body mass index, or BMI.

Looking at those images affected how the women viewed their own bodies, Bould and colleagues reported in the journal Royal Society Open Science. Bould puts it more simply.

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But 40 percent of U. It just makes them feel pretty miserable.

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In a world where selfies rule and where Instagram fans photogfapher hours and even days trying to take the most flattering pictures of themselves, how can people fight the pressure to be the thinnest, most attractive one out there? What's the least body positive state in the U.

Candace Cameron Bure shuts down body-shamer who commented on her weight. Why this fitness star shares unflattering photos on Instagram. Follow today.

May 9,1: Woman shares year struggle with anorexia May 3,