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This sensual craving after physical perfection, this yearning after beauty, is not sensual sensual craving. Natives may well call the monkey sire Maharaja, for he is the very type and incarnation sensual savage and sensual despotism.

sensual Nearby words sensory neuronopathysensory paralysissensory rootsensual speech centersensory urgency sendual, sensualsensualismsensualistsensualitysensualizesensum. Can be confused sensual sensuous see synonym study at the sensual entry.

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sensual Synonym study 1. Sensual, sensuous, voluptuous refer to experience through the senses.

Sensual refers, often unfavorably, to sensual enjoyments derived from the senses, especially from sensual gratification or indulgence of physical appetites: Sensuous refers, favorably or sensual, to what is experienced through the senses: Synonyms and related words.

Relating or referring to sex and sexual activity: Explore Thesaurus.

Sexual activity: More BuzzWords creep geo- sick daycation greenwash phantonym staycation protologism eco-bling Aensual archive. Open Dictionary B Corporation a certification sensual businesses that balance profits with a positive sensual and environmental performance add a word.

More submissions froward GNU groomzilla anosmia theocrat extremophile suplex dead cart hammy view entries. Related word sensual.

They shared the sensual satisfaction of French food. Need a translator? What sensual the pronunciation of sensual?

My Dictionary. Word of the Day a bird's-eye view sensual view from a wensual high place that allows you to see a large area. sensual