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I Am Search Sexy Chat Why do guys say i love you

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Why do guys say i love you

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I gently take your top leg and slowly slip your high heeled pump off of your foot.

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My boyfriend, Rob, told me on our second date that he was falling in love with me. Dl he utter those three little words exactly? No, he found a loophole, but his intentions were clear.

I dated men who weren't ever quite as into me as I was into. I'd fall hard for them and wait in quiet terror for them to love me.

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To me the idea that men or anyone, really can have a hard time saying I love you is kind of ridiculous. People say words all of the time, why get precious about those three little words?

In part I think it's because they aren't just three little words to most people. Most of us understand that saying I love you is scary.

It's like lifting up your shirt and showing someone your belly. Telling someone you love them for the first time is as terrifying and as vulnerable a feeling as farting on someone mid-coitus.

But the risk is always worth it.

At least, that's how I feel. Whether they love you back or if they pass on the lovf offering of your heart, at least you were honest, not just with them but with. With your own heart. You were honest with your love.

I've always wondered what's going on inside a man's head when he hold backs from saying he loves. So I asked a group of anonymous men to qhy their feelings on the subject.

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Rebecca Jane Stokes. Love August 3, It's just three little words.

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